Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

How BuzzFlash congratulates President Obama for a huge win in the House What is "Bipartisanship" Worth with the GOP? Absolutely Nothing: "House passes stimulus plan, but with no Republican votes."

I wonder if Buzz would like to join Ralph Nader by calling the victorious Obama an Uncle Tom.

Obama did make a good impression with non-insane Republicans, whose votes weren’t necessary, but whose votes may become necessary one day, who knows when; and who knows when the insane leadership will be gone. Of course for the current package there’s still the Senate, which is going to be harder, but today Obama was the winner once again.

This is one of those post-election periods when my reading habits change because I have moved on in some way. BuzzFlash has never been a great place for opinion, however, anyway; PM Carpenter is capable of intelligent discussion, but Buzz Major writes like a blustery teenage boy. I go there for the news links.

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