Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

OpenType follies

Having found xdvipdfmx too difficult to cajole into doing what I want, I finally am resorting to the most educational method, which is to hack on the native support for PDF in Ant. In studying this code and reading the PDF Reference I have learned just how hilarious the ongoing non-support of OpenType is in the Scribus DTP program.

For years, Scribus has embedded OpenType fonts in PDFs by converting them to ordinary graphics objects, which removes all hinting and makes the fonts look terrible in many cases. The excuse for this is that you need PDF version 1.6 to embed OpenType fonts, and some software couldn’t and still can’t handle PDF that advanced. This all is true, but I’ve discovered that the difference between an embedded plain PostScript font and an embedded OpenType font is whether you stick the string "Type1C" or "OpenType" in a field somewhere; all you have to do to make things work is to say "Type1C" instead of "OpenType".

There are more complicated ways to embed an OpenType font, but this one would have been quite adequate for Latin script.

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