Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

A quick summary of my 'thinking'

So what do we now suspect?

Bloomberg's report tells us Rove and Libby likely can be gotten for perjury and stuff like that.

The Unquotable Rag's page A1 report suggests that Rove and Libby likely can be gotten on the 'blowing a cover' charge. That can mean a long prison sentence.

If the CIA is willing to divulge enough information, a charge of some sort of manslaughter or murder might turn up. I really don't know enough to say, and anyway that's requiring too much of the CIA for it to seem likely.

Other charges could include at least defrauding the federal government (by failing to do their jobs and misusing federal property) and conspiracy.

But this memo, it was on Air Force One. Rove did not go with Bush to Africa, we are told. I don't know why Libby would have been on that trip, because he's Cheney's, not Bush's. Condi Rice, and Colin Powell did. Indeed, the memo was from State, and so probably got to Bush by way of Powell. I'm going to guess, however, that Powell didn't do the leaking and isn't involved except as an enabler who turns his head the other way. So that leaves the others -- and Bush himself.

Can Fitzgerald nail Bush himself? It's chilling, isn't it? Because what will the Bushists do to avoid going down? They can't just fire Rove and Libby and let them go to prison. If you were Karl Rove, would you take 10 or 20 years in a federal prison without ratting on Bush in a hundred ways? Bush cannot throw Rove to the wolves, so what will he do instead?

NOTE: Previously I had Ari Fleischer listed with people who went on the trip, but I think I may have been in error.

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