Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Folk flute

I’ve got to say, the Casey Burns folk flute is an amazing instrument, worth every minute of the months-long wait and then having to send the first one back because somehow I got marked down as wanting African blackwood (‘grenadilla’) instead of European boxwood. I can just hold it and play; its balance and easily covered holes not only make fingering easy, but also take away most of the fear of dropping the instrument.

I’ve got the model for small hands, so I don’t know about the regular fingering. I’d have gotten the small-hands model even if my hands were a little larger, actually, because of my hand disability. (I can only play for a minute or two without stopping, regardless of all else.)

Also the boxwood has a soft enough sound that it does not too much irritate my sound sensitivity. That would have been a problem with blackwood—along with its extra weight, and maybe also the feel of the wood and proneness to condensation, based on my brief experiments. (Boxwood is more fragile, though.)

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