Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


Thom Hartmann just played a phone message of some guy blaming Thom for selecting Bush by voting for Nader. I’m no fan of Nader-voters generally, but Thom effectively didn’t vote for Nader; he was voting for Green Party support, in a state, Vermont, that Gore was guaranteed to win. I think that in the past Thom has said he did a vote swap, though maybe he just meant that figuratively.

For some reason, this time Thom didn’t pull out the sophistries about how Nader wasn’t responsible for Bush. Indeed, Thom said he would be ashamed if he had voted for Nader in Florida he would be ashamed.

He says he agreed with what Nader was saying, though, which is the part that is hard for me to understand; Nader was and is, visibly, a skunk—just the sort of person who would congratulate Barack Obama by calling him an Uncle Tom. Most of what he was saying in 2000, that I heard, were manipulative lies. Heck, even his claim to be supporting third party politics turned out to be a lie.

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