Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

We are in mortal danger

What many people have not recognized or have refused to acknowledge is that the Leader is insane. He suffers from a condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder -- this is widely recognized, it's not just me. Many cases of NPD are relatively benign and correspond to what we would consider 'vain', but in other cases you are talking about some of the most dangerous people in the world, very similar to the 'sociopathic' criminal. Bush is one of these dangerous narcissists. Already he has gotten tens, hundreds of thousands of people killed or mutilated, and has made millions suffer both in Asia and the U.S.

There is a reason that people bring only good news to Bush -- it's because he is insane. Why are protestors kept away from him? Partly political, but mostly because he is insane and demands to see only admiration in those to whom he speaks. Why land on an aircraft carrier like a G.I. Joe doll? Partly political, but mostly because Bush is insane. If it were just political then Karl Rove is a first class political moron, because the potential for backlash easily outweighed the political benefits. We know nowadays that Bush said in 1999 he wanted to invade Iraq so it would make him 'a successful President' -- that is, because it would make people adore him.

I remember how pleased I was when reporters asked Bush to admit a mistake, and the only one he could come up with was having hired some of the wrong people (that is, who would not be Bush's narcissistic mirror). I had agreed already that Bush was NPD -- had ever since the final straw, his claim to have done more for civil rights than any U.S. President -- so felt this was exactly the most important sort of question to ask him. Blogger Kevin Drum thought this an inappropriate question, but that merely proved Drum was too ignorant of psychiatry to deal with the situation.

People who try to understand human affairs without at least a passing interest in psychiatry are foolish, and it is an insult to those of us who have significant psychiatric histories, that these very intrusive and damaging medical conditions be neglected as major influences on history and current affairs. Ignore Bush's illness at your own foolish peril, dear reader, if so you must; I respect that but voice my disapproval.

Now, to the present.

In the best case, Bush is sort of ignorant of Karl Rove's treachery, and is willing to let Rove resign. In that case, the loss of that adoring narcissistic mirror will be a tremendous strain on Bush, and he will go more crazy in some way that might involve new rounds of killing and torture. In any case, it isn't just the White House that is threatening to fall apart, it also is Bush's image of himself that is collapsing. Nixon is supposed to have collapsed towards the end of his Watergate nightmare -- largely due to drug abuse -- but Bush is much sicker than Richard Nixon, and the federal Republicans of today are both in charge and willingly traitorous -- having now displayed, to the person, the same nonchalance towards the Novak-Plame fiasco that led me to call Bush himself a traitor.

We are in mortal danger, but also my curiosity is roused -- what interesting things are going to happen now? I am fascinated.

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