Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Frustrations with English

Sometimes I wonder how many people only appear to understand the English language. Today in the Perrspectives blog, it was declared that the Republicans had presented a ‘unified front’ against President Obama’s stimulus bill—the very stimulus bill that Barack Obama is going to sign Tuesday morning, having gotten it passed with Republican support. What in the world does ‘unified front’ mean to this writer? (And, if you think about it, how hard could it have been to bully Arlen Specter into voting against the bill, if the Republicans had even really, really wanted to attain just a ‘unified-enough front’?)

Another case occurred several days ago. In that case the writer was criticizing another commentator’s suggestion that Dick Cheney had implicitly admitted to crimes. The criticizer goes step by step through the things Cheney said, in none of which does Cheney admit to crimes, but merely admits to acts that one might suppose were criminal, and the criticizer says these are explicit admissions. My head spun, because this is a textbook example of an implicit admission.

Maybe I’m a player in a political satire and just don’t know it.

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