Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Superstitious old man begs fictional sky being for magical respite

LES COMBES, Italy, July 24 (Reuters) - Pope Benedict on Sunday
condemned violence in Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and Britain and asked
God to stay the hand of terrorists.

"While we entrust to God's goodness ... the victims of these acts
that offend God and man, we call on the Omnipotent to stay the
hands of assassins who, driven on by fanaticism and hate, have
committed these things," the Pope said in his Sunday address to
pilgrims at his summer holiday retreat in the Alps.

Of course, when the assassinations and hate continue, the Pope will
reach the reasonable conclusion that his religion makes less
sense than belief in the Tooth Fairy, because at least belief in the
Tooth Fairy has results -- it gets your parents to give you money.
Similarly with Santa Claus. The Pope gets nothing for his
beliefs that any other political boss can't get.

Adult superstitions are worse than children's. Children grow out of
their superstitions, but adults usually are incorrigible. Quit
bringing those quarters or complain that the teeth have cavities and
soon the child will realize what's been going on, but the sky can keep
pissing on adults year after year, and they will develop intricate,
'logical' arguments for doing more of the same thing that got them
pissed on in the first place.

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