Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Oh, yes, some Hartmann unversedness

Earlier I neglected to mention that Thom Hartmann, who has long been screaming for Harry Reid to force the Republicans to do a ‘real’ filibuster, just discovered that, according to Senate rules, in a ‘real’ filibuster you don’t have to stand around reciting Shakespeare. Therefore, Hartmann concludes, he has been unfair to Harry Reid. So far, alright, normally that would be an understandable error, but how this scholar of Madison, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Tocqueville – not to mention the NFL/PBA coverup of the assassination of JFK by Johnny Unitas and Earl Anthony – could make such an error is a bit mysterious.

It gets much better, though. See, what Hartmann thinks Harry Reid should do instead is ‘the nuclear option’. But, you say to yourself, ‘the nuclear option’ referred to Dick Cheney showing the same respect for rules as Roland Freisler did for lawbooks, and your head begins to spin in confusion as to what Hartmann expects of Harry Reid and the Senate rules. Making matters worse, he justifies this rule-breaking by saying that need for a 60-40 vote is ‘undemocratic’ in some way – a case one could make, but not too effectively if one is in favor of rule-breaking.

I do not remember if Hartmann was one of the many who called for Reid to exercise ‘the nuclear option’ between 2007 and 2008. One presumes that this would have involved the kidnapping of Dick Cheney followed by a Patty Hearst-like transformation of the vice-‘presidential’ captive.

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