Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


I’ve got my machine running on blazing-fast ext4 filesystems, freshly made by formatting partitions and copying the old content into the new vessels. However, now I am on to the second phase, which is to do a fresh Gentoo installation into logical volumes.

I’ve chosen ext4 for all the filesystems except /tmp, for which I am using xfs, and /home, for which I am using jfs. I made /tmp really, really big and formatted it xfs because it is fast with big files, supposedly; thus I can have GIMP use /tmp for its tile caches, which can be quite large. I chose jfs for /home because I am a packrat and have enormous amounts of stuff in my personal account, and likely will need to expand that space; a jfs filesystem is very, very easy to expand.

(xfs originated at Silicon Graphics, and jfs at IBM. If Microsoft has a sense of humanity then perhaps there would be a Linux version of ntfs, so that we could come to appreciate its true advantages, but instead we are just thankful not to be using FAT.)

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