Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


Mike Malloy used to say that Air America Radio was a train proceeding into a brick wall, but the Nova M network, where he went to, has now hit a brick wall and apparently could not be salvaged. The salvage operation didn’t last very long, and apparently now Malloy is self-syndicating.

Malloy also used to complain about wealthy liberals not stepping up to fund liberal talk radio. This seems a strange complaint, given how wealthy liberals bought Air America after its bankruptcy declaration. Maybe there is sense in this, though, in that Mark and Stephen Green are not liberals, according to the definition that you are a liberal if Mike Malloy has no personal gripe against you. (If one actually applied Malloy’s stated principles, which are little but puffs of air, then Randi Rhodes would be a fascist reactionary.)

If Mark Green gets (re)elected Public Advocate, probably it would not be fair to credit AAR for that, the way it can take some credit for electing Al Franken to the Senate. (BTW Al Franken is not a liberal, apparently because he refused to let AAR promote the Malloy show during Al’s show. OTOH Arianna Huffington credits Al with turning her into a liberal, but probably she’s not a liberal, either.)

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