Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Setting an example for psychopaths?

Frequently it is said, without challenge, that we ought to be tough on the Bushists so that future Leaders will not do similarly. I am not convinced of that assertion and thus challenge it. People like George W. Bush and John Yoo have occurred again and again and again, and seem to keep coming forth regardless of the observation that a fair number of them wind up with their necks in nooses, or suffering a modern equivalent. It’s just not obvious to me that punishing the Bushists would prevent future abuses of similar sort.

I say we should punish Bushists (the two mentioned above in particular) because they are stinking criminals, regardless of whether people of similar kind are deterred from performing similar actions. The hell with those criminals; but it is more important that we find a way to prevent such people from taking power in the first place, and I do not think that will be done by trying to make psychopaths think they could be punished. We are missing the problem and not addressing it head on.

(If we could cure stinking criminality with drugs and therapy, that would change things. Our ‘actual’ problems would become clearer.)

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