Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

What Dick Cheney is doing makes sense

I’ve been thinking about how most of the talk about a ‘Truth Commission’ has neglected that behind the amnesty must be willingness to prosecute, and what talk I have heard that does take this into account hasn’t been convincing – the goal not being to find out what happened, but to avoid prosecutions. But Dick Cheney shouldn’t count on there being no prosecutions, and he also should not ignore the threat of prosecution overseas. It is in Dick Cheney’s interest for there to be a ‘Truth Commission’, and by going out there and talking about who was waterboarded, about the lack of evidence of any al-Quaeda-Iraq connection, and so forth, Dick Cheney is signaling his willingness to cooperate with such a commission. Good for him; he might just save himself a lot of trouble.

Somebody take him up on it. Rice, the blabbermouth of the conspiracy, will talk, too. (Let’s say we don’t haul Bush before the commission, out of respect for his father the ex-president, and because the ex-squatter knows nothing that the other conspirators don’t.)

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