Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Shocks of the last week

It would be stunning enough to discover that Jon Voight thought he came from a country called Ameriisrael and that Barack Obama was a purveyor of prophesies, yet had managed to have an acting career more distinguished than that of Andrew Dice Clay – but the real stunner for me is that Montel Williams took a job at Air America Radio, touted himself as such a hard worker despite the pain and scolded you if you didn’t do likewise (presumably through similar illegal use of marijuana), yet had and AFAIK still has no idea what the deal is with these Uighers. He’s got his research work cut out for him, if he wants to be a credible talk radio host – like maybe reading TPM, etc.

(That he provides Silvia Browne with a forum for her ‘clairvoyance’ somehow doesn’t bother me as much as having ‘new age’ claptrap aired by Richard Greene and, to a lesser degree, Thom Hartmann. For one thing, Williams gives the strong impression that he knows it is nonsense, and in fact covers for Browne a lot when she gives ill-considered prognostications.)

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