Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

What it would take

Nicole Sandler on Air America Radio just asked (with a hostile tone) what would it take to get Americans to go protest in the streets like the Iranians.

It’s very easy to answer that, Nicole, and I know you are smart enough to figure this out for yourself: it would take a tyrannical theocracy that hanged people with forklifts, had an army of brownshirts, and who didn’t care how we voted. Obviously we have nothing of the sort.

Remember that we had an American Revolution, followed by a Constitutional Convention, and not a French Revolution, followed by a Reign of Terror.

(Ask Ron Kuby about it, he has pointed out something similar, recently.)

That’s the other way I can be sent into a rage: unfair dumping on the American people. The first way (which Ron Reagan did earlier on AAR) is to dump on ‘kids these days’. So many people learned nothing from their own experiences as kids. It’s like squirting yourself in the face with seltzer, all seriously, even though you’d spent a lifetime observing that this is something done by clowns and jesters.

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