Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

This is not about healthcare

It’s not even about ‘socialism’ generally, even if for many people this is as far as they comprehend their own thinking. It is about that President Obama is going to take from the Whites and give to the ‘Coloreds’, and establish a new system of ‘Colored’ dominance over Whites. From now on the country is going to be ruled cruelly by Blacks and Latinos.

Really this is not caused by our president being half East African; rather, our president being half East African is another sign of the times. It was inevitable that the United States would get a president from a minority group, because the country really is being taken over by social minorities, due to their imminent numerical majority. Fortunately for the nation, this process is going to result in improved government.

To me it seems 2000 was pivotal year, because in that year a tanach-thumping Jewish weirdo received the majority of votes for vice president. Growing up Jewish, I had long thought I'd never live to see a Jew elected president or vice president.

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