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The healthcare experiences of Representative Scott

Michel Martin and Representative David Scott on NPR News:

Rep. SCOTT: point is this. This was their meeting. And when you hear me on that tape saying look, if you want a meeting with me, I'll set it up. I've got a health care event for this Saturday. They didn't want that.


Rep. SCOTT: When I got of...

MARTIN: ...So, what do you think it's about? What you think it's all about? And I do also hear you kind of highlighting the race of the constituents who you feel we're shut of this. How is race a part of this?

Rep. SCOTT: Well, race is a part of this because, first of all, this is a - and I would like to get your email, so I can send you this. These are things I've been getting in the mail. First is a picture of Obama painted up to look like the clown from Batman, the Joker, from Batman. On his forehead is a sickle. Underneath it is said, death to all Marxists, foreign and domestic. You know, where that's getting at, from the (unintelligible) reference. Then it says, to nigger David Scott. You were, you are, and you shall forever be nothing but a nigger.


Rep. SCOTT: ...The Ethiopian cannot make himself white - taken from Euripides. And then, here's another letter: Congressman David Scott, regarding the government health care legislation. First, you are a member of the Congressional black caucus. You're a racist, because whites don't have membership. Secondly, you should not be re-elected next year. You're going down to defeat and any of your colored constituents ain't going to stop it.

MARTIN: I see...

Rep. SCOTT: The folks are not going to stand for Obama socialized medicine, even though negroes refuse to stand up on their own feet. Now, let me tell you something and then...

MARTIN: So, what do you think it's all about? What do you think...

Rep. SCOTT: Well...

MARTIN: ...this really is. You don't think this is about health care?

Rep. SCOTT: No, there's something else, bubbling up over here.

MARTIN: What do you think it is?

MARTIN: Well, let me just stop you for a...

Rep. SCOTT: ...and understand that this driving it in the wrong direction.

MARTIN: I'm sorry to say. But, you know, Senator Arlen Specter is white...

Rep. SCOTT: Yes.

MARTIN: Senator Claire McCaskill is white. They also had experiences like - Lloyd Dogget is white, Congressman Lloyd Dogget from Texas, they also had similar experiences with people coming to their town hall meetings. So, is...

Rep. SCOTT: Mm-hmm.

MARTIN: ...your view that the undertone here is it because President Obama is that sort of advancing this plan, that there's - this is stimulating racial resentment or what? What's your take on that?

Scott doesn’t give a clear answer, but it’s not so hard. I’ve heard a few of the voices at Arlen Specter’s town meetings and one, for instance, was a woman who said she was a ‘conservative’ Republican and that she was afraid Obama was turning this nation into ‘Russia’. She wasn’t afraid of getting healthcare, but of the formation of a state that takes from the social majority and gives to the social minority.

Once I have said that, it is easy to see how come there are people like this anti-healthcare protestor the other day who claimed to have been injured but had to take up a collection to pay for his medical bill, or the one earlier than that who proclaimed that he had no insurance and he didn’t want the government doing it for him. These are people who are afraid of and want to forestall a more egalitarian society.

That’s how racism can be involved even though white representatives and Arlen Specter are targeted. (Arlen Specter belongs to a minority group that is associated with ‘socialism’, but his being targeted probably has more to do with it being Pennsylvania.)

(Another speaker wanted Specter to remind Obama that he was an American, and that there were plenty of other countries to which Obama could move. Cuba, I suppose.

Also: it’s probably worth noting my guess that most town hall meetings around the country probably are going on just fine.)

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