Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Misreading the press coverage of healthcare

I notice that some people read news of Max Baucus developing a ‘bipartisan consensus’ in Senate Finance as if that meant this ‘bipartisan consensus’ were part of President Obama’s effort to ‘reach out’ to Republicans. This is hardly the case: what it means is that Max Baucus and some of his Democratic comrades in Senate Finance are in agreement with Republicans on that committee.

Remember, if you aren’t from Montana then you didn’t vote for Max Baucus and so don’t really have a right to claim his election was for some goal of yours. If you are not from North Dakota then the same thing goes for Kent Conrad.

Remember what Bill Clinton said the other day about the president not being a dictator. Frankly, the desire of ‘BuzzFlash Bushists’ (called that on account of past BuzzFlash headlines and op-eds) that President Obama be a one-party dictator makes me sick to my belly; the Democratic Party is not a sports team under a head coach, but a coalition of peers.

Ignore the Republicans, they are nearly irrelevant. Obama is constrained not by them but by other powerful members of the Democratic Party. If you want President Obama to steamroll someone, don’t fault him for reaching out to Republicans (which is what he was elected to do BTW, don’t forget that) – instead go after him to steamroll Democratic senators, and (if you are from their states) go after those senators to give in.

Oh, and if you were not one of those who voted for Obama in part so he could reach out to others, go shove it. The rest of us and the American people generally want him to do that, even if his offers are disrepected.

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