Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Forgetting how the government works

I was pleased that, on Monday’s Olbermann, Howard Dean basically said that, because of the Bushist years, people have forgotten that the way healthcare legislation is moving now is how legislation moved back when we had a halfway functioning Democratic Congress. He’s more pleased than disheartened, I think, and so am I.

I’m very anxious, but this is my normal method of self-motivation.

Unfortunately Olbermann, not being a former member of Congress, didn’t know the right questions to ask, and looked terribly confused. Joe Scarborough OTOH is a former MC and it was actually he who translated into something comprehensible what Governor Dean was telling him. (I heard the snippet on the Montel Williams show. Believe me, I do not watch Morning Joe.)

Now, some have suggested that Obama is sending signals out designed to make public option supporters mobilize – ‘Make me do it!’ – although I think that the signals really were meant for senators. Either way, it’s fine with me, as long as people are mobilized rather than discouraged. Some may not appreciate being motivated this way, but such is life; and what’s a little difficulty and extra time now when the damn thing doesn’t even phase in until a few years from now. (Presumably it will take that long to set things up.)

(BTW I noticed that even Robert Reich, who unlike Governor Dean is upset, thinks there is a good chance of having the public option, on account of the possibly inadvertent re-energization mentioned above.)

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