Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Getting rid of the knots

People may know that I deal with what I guess is a nasty trigger point in my right leg – basically a tense little knot in a muscle – and this is a real problem for me. It is the main reason I use a cane sometimes, to keep my gait more balanced.

Medical interventions in cases of trigger points are, for instance, poking into the thing with a long needle and injecting a little procaine or something, or variations on the idea of ripping the thing apart. I have had hopes to lose this thing instead gradually and gently, by Feldenkrais Method.

My doubts about this pursuit were reduced considerably on Friday. What happened is I went for my session and my teacher brought up the subject of a little spot on my back where I had been sensitive, and where it felt sort of like there was a knot or kink along my spine. I had forgotten about it! It had been getting better so gradually that I didn’t even notice it was gone (or at least much reduced).

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