Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Another example of ear stoppage

The guy who is subbing for Montel Williams just took a call from one of my fellow lefties, and she complained that Barack Obama promised to get us out of ‘these wars’ and he’s not following through.

What Barack Obama is she talking about? The one that’s living in the White House was clear about his policy: he was going to reduce, but not eliminate, our military presence in Iraq, and he was going to escalate our military activities in Afghanistan.

I do not support these policies. I didn’t support them before the election and do not support them now. But that’s not the point; Obama did make them his policy, he did tell us this during the campaign, and we did vote for him on this basis. If one of my fellow lefties thinks she voted for him on a basis of withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, I suggest she sign up for a refresher course in English.

(Mind you, Barack Obama did purposely try to confuse people on this. However, this caller sounded capable of not being fooled; I think she simply put her fingers in her ears when Obama gave us his more specific statements – which is not how to comprehend English.)

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