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New nib, bad hands / Nova plumbeko, malbonaj manoj

The 'crisp italic' modified Pelikan nib I ordered has arrived by U.S. mail, but my fingers are too swollen and itchy to open the box and install the nib. I'll wait a bit and see if I get any better.

I had decided that I liked the 'ItaliFine' so much that I would replace the nib in my other Pelikan M600, even though I like that nib, with a 'less stubby', 'more italic' nib, in this case an 0.7 mm 'crisp italic'. I'll have to do a direct comparison, but I suspect that Richard Binder's 'crisp italic' is going to be similar to John Mottishaw's 'cursive italic', with the ItaliFine being similar to the 'slightly stubby cursive italic' that Mottishaw did for me when the original nib was a semiflex and thus a little harder to control as an italic.

... And now my new computer headset seems to have arrived by UPS. Things just keep getting better, don't they? Why do I feel as if I am Al Bundy just before everything comes crashing down on him? :)

(See for followup.)
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