Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Wherein the Wastebasket Sage unloads on Brent Budowsky

I love Brent Budowsky and his particular skill for getting inside knowledge that can actually be taken seriously, but enough, already. He voted, it seems, for the Fantasy Obama instead of the actual Obama, and this shouldn’t be too surprising, considering the history.

For instance:

The man who used to be John McCain will not be elected by using tactics left over from an age that used to be, but is no more.

‘The man who used to be John McCain’, eh? No, you mean the man whom Brent Budowsky seriously misjudged. The same kind of misjudgment that led Brent Budowsky to consider John McCain beneficially ‘inspiring’ in 2000 seems to have afflicted him again concerning Barack Obama. I do not criticize Barack Obama by saying this – I think he is much better than John McCain – but I say do not blame John McCain for Brent Budowsky’s error.

There was also this piece of work:

What Clinton is doing, which I believe is deliberate but in any event is happening, is to seek to drive as many of her supporters [as many as possible? – Barry] to McCain in a general election.

Hillary Clinton may have had a deficit of discretion, but didn’t she say explicitly, when asked, that after the primary she and Obama would be ‘fine’? And in fact she drove hardly anyone to McCain in the general election, supported Obama vocally, and now serves as his Secretary of State. Perhaps Budowsky’s emotional attachment to his candidate was excessive, and perhaps he over-externalized his inner anxiety. Regardless of the cause, the result was Brent Budowsky eager to join the circular firing squad.

Go make some tea and relax, Brent. Learn to laugh at Max Baucus. Join ask_a_nurse and read the stories of all the people who will, thanks to Barack Obama, finally be able to go to the doctor. Stop trying to achieve a Permanent Democratic Majority by liberal auto-decimation.

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