Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

My take on this (updated)

Nicole Sandler writes:

I wrote a pretty scathing attack on the disappointing performance of the Obama administration at eight months earlier today. The response on facebook and via email has been faster and more voluminous than I expected.

The majority of the posts have been in agreement with what I wrote. In essence, that the man occupying the White House bears little resemblance in vision, action or stature to the man we voted for 10 months ago.

Combine that with earlier endorsements of Jesse Ventura and Bobby Kennedy as a presidential ticket and I would have to say that Nicole is right: She has no idea who she’s voting for when she fills out her ballot.

She expressed her impression Jesse Ventura was an opposite to Sarah Palin, which made me laugh, because Sarah Palin and Jesse Ventura are two of a kind: divas who quit after a while. The differences are enormous, of course, but it is laughable to suggest Jesse Ventura as an opposite to Sarah Palin. As for Bobby Kennedy, holy cow, the guy was a heroin junkie, and do you have any idea how, for instance, parents of autistic people, like myself, would react to a ticket with fearmongering Robert F. Kennedy on it? And a person who also has spent the last several years scaring people away from voting, because he can’t help but exude his own overwrought anxiety? You’ve got to be kidding.

We’ve got the President Obama who ran for the office, even down to the beginner’s clumsiness that was described in his ‘New Yorker’ bio some months ago. A lot of people simply don’t know who they are voting for, and the person they think they are voting for is a comic book character invented in people’s heads; it’s the same, really, as all those people who thought George W. Bush was a natural leader and honest, and the people who voted in 2000 for the obvious liar and demagogue Ralph Nader.

Update: Of course, I am not endorsing who Obama ‘is’, here. Instead I mean that we had more than enough information on him by the time we voted, to know for whom we were voting, and that we got pretty much that.

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