Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Observations about the Swift Boat Liars

Bob Dole joining up with the Swift Boat Liars serves to highlight one of the most deeply unsettling aspects of the Bush's war on veterans. Bob Dole got his own first purple heart for a self-inflicted wound -- a misthrown grenade. The Swift Boat Liars, and thus the Bush, are trashing every military medal ever issued by the United States Government.

If the Swift Boat Liars and their King win, then military awards are meaningless.

Thus there is tremendous capacity for backlash against the Bush, as this all sinks in. And Bob Dole is lower than pond scum, which somebody ought to point out by trashing Dole the way Kerry is getting trashed.

Of course, nothing here is surprising, and it is funny to hear all the complaints about John Kerry's mishandling of the situation. If Kerry had followed the advice of such people, it might now be Howard Dean getting trashed (except that by now it would have meant adding insult to injury).

Begging the Bush to stop is not a good approach, however. I don't know where politicians get the idea that begging your opponent to stop is a good approach. Challenge the Bush to one-on-one confrontations. Dare the Emperor to look you in the eye and praise your military service. Insist that He whisper in your ear that your medals were deserved, and that there was nothing wrong in discarding them, either, and that you are a great example of a citizen of the Republic.

I exaggerate but maybe you get the idea.

And somebody please trash Bob Dole, if he wants to get involved in this. Didn't he purposely get an arm paralyzed because he planned to run for President in 1996? That was very clever of him. Too bad it didn't work out. Maybe he was planning ahead for his Viagra career.

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