Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

To Dennis Kucinich, everything is the Cleveland electric company

Dennis Kucinich's claim to genius, as I remember it, is that, as a youthful mayor of Cleveland, he let the city go into default rather than ‘privatize’ the electric company, and, though the mayor sacrificed himself politically, the result kind of worked out well. And now he’s a congresscreature.

His dumbass excuse for voting dumbass no on the healthcare bill ( ) reads as if he were talking about a proposal to ‘privatize’ an electric company. He uses the same kinds of arguments as you would use for that. He sounds like Bernie Sanders complaining about the price of gasoline. He seems to me to want to punish insurance companies more than get people a chance, any chance, to go see an effing doctor. Wouldn’t it actually be worth overpaying for a time if we can just clear up some of the backlog of people who are suffering and dying for fear of being diagnosed with something they can’t afford to have treated? And what of the people who pay premiums for nothing? Or the people who don’t buy individual insurance because it likely won’t be honored anyway?

No. To Kucinich this is like homeowners being gouged by an electric company. The generators keep running when you let the city go into default. It doesn’t work like that with healthcare.

Would he have voted differently if his vote were needed for passage? If so, say so, and don’t lie by omission. Does he praise the work of people who worked their butts off to get where we are today? If not, why would he have voted for the bill if his vote were needed for passage? Another lie of omission. Either he was willing to let the bill fail or he is lying in cowardly fashion, to make himself look impressive. If he is fulfilling his pledge to vote against anything that didn’t have a ‘robust’ public option, but would have broken that pledge if his vote had been needed, and now pretends to be upholding his pledge, then he deserves even more condemnation.

Dennis Kucinich, along with Ralph Nader, is an ineffective twit who is ineffective because he is sour and intolerant, no pleasure to work with, and almost guaranteed to try to make you look bad and get Democratic voters to curse you.

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