Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Things about which I was right or wrong

I was wrong that it was better to let Bush get his guaranteed-to-happen invasion over with as quickly as possible, rather than try to push it off as long as possible in hopes finding a way out.

OTOH I was right that Bush would botch it up worse than my expectations. (For you nerds: I was right in the second-order expectation.)

I was wrong that it would have been better to impeach Bush than to wait him out – largely because I underestimated Bush’s capacity for disengagement.

But I was right that pardoning Lewis Libby would have been a disaster for Bush, and that the commutation was perfect; and I was right that Bush would not botch the commutation with a pardon, though nearly universal media opinion that Bush would pardon Libby made me waver.

I was wrong that Dick Cheney doesn’t routinely soil his armor. OTOH I was right that Bush made the final decisions.

And I was right that if a storm hit New Orleans it would reveal Bush's character.

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