Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Things that bug me

I may enjoy the hyperbole of calling President Obama ‘President Johnson’, and may be more skeptical of our military activity in Afghanistan than he is, but, even so, the following two things bug me.

1. Someone says, ‘Why are we in Afghanistan now that al-Qaeda is in Pakistan?

Do I even have to explain this one? It is like saying that a recently bad neighborhood doesn’t need cops anymore, because it has so few criminals in it.

2. People who felt all warm and fuzzy when candidate Obama told them they’ll be able to keep their own insurance, and that he’s going to flood Afghanistan with troops, and now are screaming and crying and helping to drag out this healthcare plan and drag down the Democratic Party.

I don’t like the Afghanistan deal, either, but I didn’t get all warm and fuzzy when Obama said he was going to keep private insurance around and send more soldiers to Afghanistan. I was annoyed but those were his policies, not mine. I’ll give him a chance. You OTOH did get all warm and fuzzy, and so ought to focus more on yourself and less on Obama. When you say this isn’t what you voted for, in many cases you are lying and you know it. Perhaps Michael Moore doesn’t know it, and is just an uncivilized dumbass, but some of you know it and are lying.

I could list some of my own problems, but it is more fun to list these above, which have been attracting the attention lately of a number of people, or at least (2) has. TPM published a letter from someone who felt similarly, and I have seen similar opinions expressed in BuzzFlash comments. AAR producer Tina Nole had something like (2) in her blog, too.

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