Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

This is a good one

Over at BuzzFlash: ‘Report: Lieberman Tells Reid To His Face, He'll Vote Against Current Health Care Bill Obama is in over his head. This has dragged on far too long, way far too long. And the clowns are running the circus.’

Obama is in over his head because he can’t get Joe Lieberman to support him? This is what I don’t understand about people who count all Democrats alike and conclude we have 60 and so Obama can and ought to rule by fiat, even though Joe Lieberman has proven time and again that he doesn’t really care. Even though those same people may have said many times that Lieberman should be counted as a Republican and thrown out of the Democratic Party. And, if he were thrown out, what would they do, cheer or boo? About that I really don’t know. I guess they could say it was Obama’s fault.

Kristy was watching a movie last night. In it James Stewart was trying to get a woman to recant some false testimony, with nothing to give her except a clean conscience and $5000. She rebuffed him angrily, pausing only momentarily to consider the $5000. As Stewart was standing outside the lady’s apartment door and scratching his chin, I shadowrama’d thus: ‘Gee, I thought that would be a lot easier.’ The joke was topical, and Kristy and I both laughed. Stewart walked away, dejected.

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