Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

My head just spun 360

I was just thinking about something that made my head spin.

Nicole Sandler, who has been hosting the late night show on Air America for some months now, but without a contract or health benefits, gets her insurance through COBRA that is running out. Now, she is a single mother with a kid who is insured through the SCHIP program, I think, which she went through hell to obtain quickly, after discovering her daughter had been dropped a while back from prior insurance without notification or with notification that got lost. So, obviously Nicole is someone responsible about her family’s healthcare, and not some teabagging moocher who wants to go without insurance; and she is someone who needs a guarantee of getting insurance ASAP. Oh, did I forget to mention that last year she had a malignant melanoma removed? And that she just turned 50? Though I suppose maybe the rates might not go up until the year you turn 51, but that’s if you can get the insurance at all; and the new year is just about to start, anyway.

So, I’m thinking, this person in particular has a lot riding on whether Barack Obama succeeds in getting watered-down healthcare, but instead, head-spinningly, she has been lauding Dennis Kucinich, who would let her worry and die rather than give tax money to insurance companies, and she generally has been with those who express a feeling that Barack Obama has betrayed them on healthcare. I say it’s Kucinich who has betrayed them – or will be doing so, if he persists in his petulance.

OT: I wonder what deal Joe Lieberman has lined up for his retirement?

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