Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

My reply to the Rude Pundit's reply

I'll quote just my part. Rude Pundit reiterates his thesis (see that a speech Bernie Sanders gave was a ‘liberal’ speech. My response:

Maybe if by liberalism one means training people to think and act like enraged reptiles, rather than as tolerant, thoughtful, competent citizens.

My wife tells me Alan Grayson seemed very upset on TV when this Lieberman thing went down, but when asked whether he would support the bill he said of course he would, because people are dying. It is a position Sanders would have come to long ago if he thought of people as living bone and flesh, rather than 'consumers'.

Sanders probably will vote for the bill for the simple reason that he isn't a total dumbass, but rather a clever demagogue.

(Demagogues are prone to stating obvious falsehoods as facts, and Sanders is no exception: "Why is it that we need an entirely new approach for health care in this country? The answer is pretty obvious." It's not obvious to me; what makes it obvious? Next he presents the Strawman he intends to beat, against which he wishes to direct the rabble's fury. It's by-the-book demagogy.)


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