Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Good news and bad news (revised)

Nicole Sandler is subbing for Randi Rhodes, and she claims to be ‘on the fence’, but she says it in a way that means she’s for it but in need of a rationalization. I think really she made up her mind long ago. It’s similar to when barking_iguana presented a watery healthcare plan and I didn’t like it, and I argued that I thought single payer would be necessary to clear up the mess, but I knew darn well that it wasn’t going to happen and that I would support practically any reform a decent person offered.

At this point I even think maybe AARP was right to support Medicare Part D, and that Kristy and I were wrong. The difference is that now I am using it myself, and so the donut hole, which seems a terrible idea on paper, in actual life is a reminder that I have been receiving assistance for the first half of the year, which I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

The bad news, though only slightly bad, is she has a basal cell carcinoma on the nose, to be removed next week. I’m not sure that isn’t synonymous with saying ‘I live somewhere along a path between Miami and San Diego’. This is in addition to a melanoma gotten early a couple of years back.

Revision: Nix that, we were wrong to oppose Part D, and when I said so Kristy paused and then nodded.

And also I just turned the sound back up after discussing family concerns with Kristy, heard Nicole Sandler say that her biggest problem with the bill is who gets the money. As I have observed, the main motivation for liberal opposition is hatred and a desire for retribution – and thus isn’t really what I would call ‘liberal’ in spirit.

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