Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

I woke up to blinding cluster headache ...

... and now am slightly blind. :) It’s not a very painful one, but my left eye is very, very blurry. (My theory is temporarily lowered intraocular pressure.)

But I just turned on Jack Rice and it sounds as if he just realized that Republican resistance forcing Obama to get 60 Democrats means Obama achieved close to the maximum possible, but that it was good for people to keep the pressure up.

It is a fact I have observed, that my being very pessimistic and defensive against letdowns makes me a poor choice to keep the pressure up in that way. Pessimists and optimists are complementary; we need both. If we had just pessimists, there would be less serendipity and there would be no fighter pilots or astronauts; if we had only optimists, everyone would be dead by now due to foolish mistakes.

Jack Rice is an optimist who gets hit by an IED and then goes back for more. I won’t even go on a roller coaster. (I did the Lightning Loops once, so I could say I had done it.)

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