Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


I just listened to Ron Reagan and Joan Walsh discuss their disappointment that Barack Obama was not the ‘change’ they’d ‘hoped for’, and I am stunned. What in the world were these people expecting? On what planet are they living?

It’s not possible to explain this to me by arguing that Barack Obama hasn’t been working as smoothly as his campaign, or that he promised this and promised that which he hasn’t delivered, etc. A campaign is a campaign, governing is governing. Sure, I didn’t count on this or that fumbling, but so what? It’s not exactly a unique event. The speeches and promises, half of that was political boilerplate; ‘Change’ was one of Bill Clinton’s slogans, goddammit. I never understood how anyone could take it seriously; I still don’t.

Get this: I see these things going on, which people are so caught up by, and they mean nothing to me. The most I ever felt from Obama was a warm appreciation when he spoke his mind, a delight when he made a subtle dig at some deserving person, and what I still feel, and really appreciate concerning healthcare reform, is a kind of joy that he seems to act out of caring alone rather than balancing it with hate.

It bothers me that we have so many citizens who are trying to improve the country by choosing a hero who makes them feel giddy. Improve yourself, goddammit, if only so that you can choose an Obama next time for good reasons and not then go on to deny responsibility for the mistake you didn’t make.

I wish everyone good luck in their self-improvement quests. :)

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