Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

This is unbelievable

Now Ron Reagan is having a discussion (which I switched off because of its asininity) as to whether the prospect of Democrats losing that 60th Senate seat has to do with them continuing not to be ‘tough enough’. It’s not even an intelligent conversation.

I don’t know how many things people, these overgrown babies like Reagan, think they can have at the same time. They applaud having 60 Senate seats, and then, when having that 60th seat makes the difference between healthcare legislation and not having anything, they gripe about it. ‘God’ bless Randi Rhodes, among liberal talk radio hosts at least she knows how to count.

Byron Dorgan is 67 years old, looks and sounds happy, looks and sounds proud of what he and colleagues have been doing, and he tells Ed Schultz he would snarf up a cabinet seat if offered. The guy seems to be making an excellent personal decision, and it isn’t worth all the drama or the suggestions he is quitting in disgust over some amendment of his being stripped. Give the man a gold watch and a handshake, dammit, hope to see him at the mall sometimes. He’s doing the right thing.

In the case of Chris Dodd, his retirement actually improves the Democrat’s odds, and that, presumably, is the main reason he is retiring.

I would never want to be a Supreme Court justice, because that’s the kind of position in which one is likely to find oneself trapped for the sake of the nation. Let’s be glad the same rarely is the case for Senate seats.

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