Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Itching and blind

This evening I'm missing another ballgame; that's three more tickets wasted. I'm not 100% certain that I've been to any games in the month of August.

I have itchy welts on my wrists but the ones on the feet are the real stoppers, because I am better off staying barefoot. In general, though, the condition seems to be improving, slowly.

If I really wanted it badly, I could go anyway, but also I woke up from sleep not long ago and almost immediately had a left-sided cluster headache attack. As often these days, probably because of my medicine, the attack was very mild. I didn't even sit up, but sort of moaned while rocking gently, lying down. However, as usual, my atypical aftereffect of an unfocusable, light over-sensitive, and mildly sore eye on the affected side was not reduced. In fact, I recently learned (by example) that I don't even have to have a cluster headache, but simply one transitory stabbing eye pain, to be left with the temporary eye paralysis. I think this all might be a clue that the nortriptyline does not help whatever brain functions lead to the eye paralysis, even though it is helping along other pathways. Perhaps the eye paralysis pathways are not as much serotonergic.

If I take a Zomig that will reduce the eye soreness, I think -- I should test that hypothesis, which is based on limited past observation. (Zomig is a cerebral vasoconstrictor usually prescribed for migraine attacks.)

I am wearing sunglasses in a darkish room and holding my left eye closed so I can see the monitor more clearly, and because it's too bright for my left eye just now.

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