Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Programtabelo kaj vinjetoj de Internacia Televido jam pretas

Though a little past target date, Internet television in Esperanto
seems to be close to ready:

They've got a programming schedule and clips of opening themes, at
least for paid subscribers (which is something I gave a shot at a
while back).

There is some excessive dependence on WMV plug-ins, however, making it
difficult to set up for users of non-evil operating systems. It's not
that you can't play the WMV data on a non-evil operating system, but
just that the viewer is started up in a way employed by Evil. Most
likely it would be trivial to support the two styles of access to the
video data (good and evil). (And maybe there is a way to play evil
data that I just don't know yet.)

I've informed administration of the problem, but I am sure they are
very busy dealing with Evil.

Update: That idiot Barijo "Emily Litella" Ŝvarco has discovered that, because the other day he discovered and installed kmplayer, the WMV plugin stuff now works if he uses Konqueror as the browser. So, never mind.

(Ordinarily Barijo uses an evil browser called Opera, because only Evil has yet made a browser that is easy for him to use with his DatenMano (DataHand). Other times he uses Fajrvulpo (Firefox), or any of a handful of closely related browsers, because they are the most often compatible. Seldom does he use Konqueror, even though it is the native browser of KDE, the desktop environment he uses (with some parts -- notably the window manager and desktop manager -- swapped out for non-KDE components -- fluxbox and ROX filer in pinboard mode, respectively).)

Second update: It seems as if the 3-D cartoon 'Infanurbo' (Kid City) might require more bandwidth than my Internet service provides. Oh, what will I do without Infanurbo?...

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