Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,


1. I wonder when my new computer will be burnt in and shipped.

2. Gentoo is getting big and boring. I’m interested in Exherbo and Linux From Scratch. I think that, with my disabilities, I’d better resist going the LFS route; it consists of a checklist for making all the parts of an OS manually. The ‘manually’ part is no good for me.

3. For OCaml, I may use the GODI distribution instead of installing with the native Gentoo/Exherbo package mangler. Again, this is letting someone else do work for me. I’ve used GODI before when I needed a newer version of OCaml than Gentoo supported at the time. (There were Gentoo packages that did not yet work with the new compiler.)

4. In part it is because I like to be different, but I am starting to use JFS as my preferred filesystem. It is trivial to increase the size of a JFS filesystem after extending a logical volume in which the fs resides, and you can do it while the drive is mounted and the system is running. It is unbloated. It has a reputation for good performance under a wide range of conditions. It is no longer actively developed, so it will stay unbloated and reliable, as long as bugs get fixed.

(Shrinking one is not so easy, though. I think the available method is the universal one: format a new fs and copy the data into it. What Partition Magic does for NTFS, no one can do for JFS, but with logical volume management and huge drives it should be okay.)

5. I am migrating from KDE to WindowMaker. I think WM will be easier to maintain and to use on the big widescreen I have for my new computer (when it arrives). Also it is handsomer. It doesn't have grouped windows, but I won't need them anymore.

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