Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Hello from Linksland!

I am booted into Exherbo, which I transferred over from the virtual machine after getting it to where X Windows was working. I have logged into LJ with Links rather than Firefox, because Links is quicker and cleaner to build. I have the system being completely rebuilt, in an xterm.

I had to use the the old "paludis" command for building, except now in an xterm "cave" works again. (Same software, different interface.) It had a tendency to segfault in recent builds. Evidence suggests there is a bug that manifests when writing to a Linux console, rather than an X client. This is a sort of thing that gets me sad; I want to report such anomalies (if they have not already been reported) or supply patches, but today I've been yelping just from doing things like opening or closing a kitchen drawer. I am not eager to write a report. I probably shouldn't be writing this.

I am considering getting some unpolarized sunglasses for working with the computer. They would not have to be bifocals, at least. I'm really not eager to deal with a third pair of glasses; there is the expense, plus adjusting frames so I am not in too much pain is a serious problem; I hate getting frames adjusted. The part that goes over the right ear can't actually be touching it, for instance. And the frame and lenses must be very light, which rules out the cheaper models, in both cases.

I went for a walk today, through the nearby park with the engineered wetlands that keeps lawn fertilizer out of the lake, but I forgot to look for any green herons. That's my thing, I try to spot green herons. Except I was busy thinking about how I would make a useful-for-me replacement for fontconfig, which I hate so much.

Gotta stop typing. Bye. :)

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