Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

How to deal with disability and a distributed-development operating system

I think what I shall do is build up my personal package repository (which is hosted at Github) but not submit it for review and listing. What I cannot afford is to be troubled with improvement and maintenance. Instead what I would like is to give someone else access, to do improvement and mainenance, or, next best, have someone clone the repository and make their clone improved and well maintained.

In the latter scheme, the fork would be the listing-worthy repository. I might merge the improvements with my repository, but I must avoid responsibility to merge improvements.

It’s bad enough having responsibility for some fonts. What I seek for my fonts is that others should make the improvements people request of me. For instance, I make the comma accent double as the cedilla. I do not do this because I think it is the best approach, but because I seek to minimize my work. Disability means can’t do the work! Someone else please steal my fonts and make them better. Maybe it will happen. And the same with package build scripts.

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