Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Help me find sanity

After starting and stopping watching a couple of the Open Yale Courses ( from the English department, I have an urge to advise people not to major in English literature at Yale. In favor of Yale, though, I think the problem is more widespread than that. My question actually becomes: is there any school where the English-literature faculty is not insane? Play the course on Dante from the Italian department, instead, though perhaps it is worth the time to watch some of Satan’s lines from Paradise Lost read with a limp wrist.

(I assume, unless shown otherwise, that business and technical writing faculties generally are sane.)

On a related topic, chickenhawk-sire Donald Kagan’s Greek history course at OYC is entertaining, if not extremely educational, until about the time Pericles comes on the scene, at which time Professor Kagan falls to the floor and drools all over it. I couldn’t watch any further. Even before then I noted that the professor has the second worst table manners, let’s call it, of any professor I have ever sat with at the educational trough. (Oddly, the worst was at a lowly two-year college, rather than a fancy university; not so oddly, in the Sociology department, and in more primitive times than these.)

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