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  • Wed, 16:18: Designing text typefaces is like designing tackle boxes. A common mistake is to treat it like art; another to think of it as copyrightable.
  • Wed, 16:23: Now, patenting of text typefaces has a theoretical sensibility; but patenting of letter shapes for human eyes is a bad idea in common sense.
  • Wed, 19:13: My favorite monospace:
  • Wed, 22:52: Got rid of a whole bunch of crazy operators I'd put in my module. Now mainly use the Batteries operator |> and some functions.
  • Thu, 08:09: Leave it to an obsessive-compulsive to begin using random number generators to reduce how much his fonts’ features line up.
  • Thu, 11:01: What really will happen in a couple of days is that the Rapture-ready will be left behind while the rest of us all rejoin the Pleroma.
  • Thu, 11:03: It seems to go w/o wide recognition that we have no tool for producing Tagged PDF. Scribus is for prepress.
  • Thu, 11:05: Actually my kompostilo has produced PDF acroread barely recognizes as Tagged. But kompostilo is nongraphical and not for general users.
  • Thu, 11:40: Make up a list of people who have shut down their regular professional websites in advance of this weekend’s Rapture. I think I’ve found 1.
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