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  • Sat, 14:21: Latest tweet on @EBibleFellowshp is an excerpt from the KJV about waiting on seemingly failed prophecy. I recommend the new JPS on this one.
  • Sat, 14:39: I think @inthatday is trying to say that the Rapture is still going to happen today, but at midnight Jerusalem time.
  • Sat, 14:50: Here we go, this site has an active countdown to midnight in Jerusalem: This is the new formulation.
  • Sat, 16:07: Two minutes after the new Rapture calculation fails, @conservTrump tweets about the Wisconsin Senate race.
  • Sat, 17:35: RT @mom2two2330: @joymcgill wow...i really feel for the people who believed & gave everything away & quit their jobs. #rapturefail
  • Sat, 17:35: RT @joymcgill: My grandfather had friend in 1920s who only completed 5th grade b/c family felt rapture happening soon & no need for educ ...
  • Sat, 17:59: 5:59 local time here, and I am looking for an apocalypse. (Keep in mind that an "apocalypse" means a revelation.)
  • Sat, 18:00: 6:00 pm here in Minneapolis-St Paul, but all the fun today is in Iceland.
  • Sat, 18:33: Following the #rapturefail but looked out the window and there were people in the air. But they wore black & were sitting on brooms ...
  • Sat, 19:14: ‘Words spoken softly by wise men are heeded sooner than those shouted by a lord in folly.’ Ecc. 9-17
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