Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Understanding God's plan with numeric tricks rather than study

Harold Camping has earned a lot of laughter for all the time he has spent finding and solving numeric puzzles, when he could have been doing actual study, but is it not even more unseemly when the practitioner is an actual scholar? Check out the following debate between the first-class scholar Bart Ehrman and someone who is paid by an institution of higher learning to be a damn fool:

(I hope I got the right video.)

The damn fool actually goes on the record implying mathematically, in writing before an audience, that one in every two deaths results in a resurrection. (Perhaps it was a slightly different number – I haven’t bothered to watch this drek in a while.) Of course, he doesn’t realize he has said this, but in that case it shows he didn’t even bother to study the language he was using, once he saw he could use it for a trick.

Not only is Dr. Craig a damn fool, but it appears to me that his purpose was to embarrass Dr. Ehrman, which he did, leaving Ehrman bewildered and speechless in a public forum. (Would this be viewed as a form of ‘spiritual’ murder, in Jewish reckoning?)

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