Barry SCHWARTZ (Barijo ŜVARC) (chemoelectric) wrote,

Lisa Simpson did the right thing to stay with her family when God tried to Rapture her

Perhaps this lesson explains why:

‘These two tablets are parallel and equal: duties to G-d are not more important than duties to people, nor are duties to people more important than duties to G-d. However, if one must choose between fulfilling an obligation to G-d and fulfilling an obligation to a person, or if one must prioritize them, Judaism teaches that the obligation to a person should be fulfilled first. This principle is supported by the story in Genesis 18, where Abraham is communing with G-d and interrupts this meeting to fulfill the mitzvah of providing hospitality to strangers (the three men who appear). The Talmud gives another example, disapproving of a man who, engrossed in prayer, would ignore the cries of a drowning man. When forced to choose between our duties to a person and our duties to G-d, we must pursue our duties to the person, because the person needs our help, but G-d does not need our help.’

( )

In any case, Lisa made the right choice (with her father’s assistance, of course), even though it meant an eternity of coleslaw with pineapple in it. I fear I might not be so brave as to make the same choice, or worse that I would be denied the opportunity to choose.

I do worry about the end of the world, surprisingly often. I expect it to come in billions of years, due to nova, but I have obsessive-compulsive disorder and the projected time span isn’t adequately distracting.

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