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Sorts Mill Jannon early release on dA

You can try out version 0.1 of Sorts Mill Jannon by downloading it from deviantART: http://chemoelectric.deviantart.com/art/Sorts-Mill-Jannon-183293629

This ‘early release’ has roman only and doesn’t have advanced features such as small caps and lining figures. But it is spaced and kerned and whatnot.

Sorts Mill Kis snapshot

A development snapshot of Sorts Mill Kis is available at deviantART: [link]

Possibly you are reading text set in Sorts Mill Kis right now, because currently I use it for the Crud Factory website.

Crud Factory version 4 goes live

Crud Factory version 4 is in operation: [link].

An interesting thing is that CF4 works along with this LiveJournal account, somewhat. What happens is that if I make a posting like this, which is tagged "crudfactory-news", it shows up at The Crud Factory on the "News" page (after some heroic measures to try to convert LJ’s HTML tag soup to valid XML).

Postscript: The programming on the LJ end was remarkably simple. And changes to a posting at the LJ end will be reflected immediately on the CF4 end, too.

Postpostscript: The site works a little better, or less annoyingly, or more annoyingly, effect-wise, in Chrome or Safari, or in Firefox 4 beta, than in other major browsers. (Opera also belongs on the list, except the version I played with had some weird bugs in font-size transition effects.)

test2 of CF News

Another anticipatory test of crudfactory-news.

Test of crudfactory-news

This is a test message for the ‘news’ section of the forthcoming crudfactory.com.

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