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A reworked http://crudfactory.com is up and running. (No real work has been done on the individual font download pages, as yet, but that may come.)

As part of the rework, I have shut down the Crud Factory Font Server, on the grounds that it is no fun anymore. (For the site I am directly using pre-made and me-made webfont kits from http://fontsquirrel.com – whereas for my LiveJournal I’ve been using the Google Web Fonts API, for a while already.)
I’m planning to shut down the Crud Factory Font Server, whenever I get around to doing it. The reason is it’s not fun anymore and I would rather work on fonts themselves and depend on Google Web Fonts and FontSquirrel. Google now supports the Esperanto characters, and FontSquirrel has my released fonts and provides a font-webification service for other fonts.

I will, most likely, add Google and FontSquirrel links for the downloadable font packages, for those who want to use the fonts in web pages.

(I am already using Google Web Fonts instead of the CFFS to serve fonts for my LiveJournal.)

"Wuthering Heights" in Fanwood Text

I have thrown together an e-book of Wuthering Heights, not yet read for either proof or pleasure, and not listed on the Crud Factory e-books page: http://crudfactory.com/cf3/e-books/WutheringHeights.kt.pdf

The book is designed for Kindle 3 (the current generation Kindle) and is made with the new Fanwood Text fonts. It could be read with any ordinary PDF reader, too. Note that the fonts were embedded without their hinting, so they may look much fuzzier than usual in Adobe Reader and some other programs, although the glyph shapes will be better preserved.

The Kindle’s experimental web browser may refuse to download a PDF. You can use the USB cable, or you can attach the e-book to an e-mail and send the e-mail to your free.kindle.com or kindle.com address.

Fanwood and Fanwood Text 1.1

A new release of the Fanwood fonts: http://crudfactory.com/font/show/fanwood

Various little improvements. Now includes Fanwood Text, which is the same as Fanwood but slightly darker and reduced in contrast. I tailored it specially for Amazon Kindle 3 e-book readers, which can handle fonts embedded in PDFs.

(In my opinion the Kindle 3 renders fonts better if you turn off font hinting in your PDF creation software, if that can be done. You may have a different opinion.)


I'm tweeting as chemoelectric, including type-related observations.

I’ve been squatting on the user name for a long time, but haven’t used it until now.

Linden Hill

I have tossed a new font family, called Linden Hill, into the Crud Factory rubbish dump. The fonts are based on Frederic Goudy’s letterpress typeface Deepdene.

About the naming, it is all related to the New York City borough of Queens. 40 Deepdene Road is where Goudy lived for about a decade in Forest Hills Gardens. Linden Hill, on the other hand, is what you are looking at if you stare past center field at a Mets home game. It is where my grandparents lived, though I spent much more time watching planes land at LaGuardia than trying to see Mets games through an imaginary telescope. (From pictures I have seen, I suspect the new stadium would offer a better view than the old one.)


(Some may recognize that I made available ‘pre-release’ versions of these fonts quite a while ago. Little of the work was done recently.)

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